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There are truly many reasons to crochet, not just for the satisfaction of making something yourself and taking your mind of everyday thoughts but here we will outline some of the other key reasons why picking up the hook is good!

Crochet helps with insomnia, by focusing on something that is easy, and repetitive and soothing like crochet projects - you can slow down your thoughts and body enough to allow you to fall asleep. Next time you are reaching for the phone in the night or tossing and turning, pick up a hook and a WIP.


Crocheting reduces stress and anxiety - by taking time for yourself. Taking this time away from everyday chores, work and personal life. By crocheting (or whatever craft you love) then you are allowing yourself to express your creativity, your mind is able to relax and be free from anxious tasks or ideas.

Crocheting helps ease or relieve depression - when we do something we like our brains release a chemical called Dopamine, this chemical affects emotions and functions - like your bodies very own natural anti depressant. Scientists have now proven studies to believe that crafts, such as crocheting can help stimulate that production of Dopamine in our brain and allow us to feel happier and feel better about ourselves.


Crochet helps us build our own little bubble or community by sharing our makes locally or online. Social media provides a great network for like minded crafters who love doing what you love too. By joining crafting groups on social media you allow yourself to share your skills but also to learn new techniques. I have been crocheting for 10+ years. There is no limit to what you can learn, I am learning all the time. This is part of the fun of crochet.

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