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Well Hello.

Well hello crochet kings and queens, it’s well overdue that we in fact have a blog where we can share hints and tips on crocheting, as well as featuring stories and fun new designs.

Be prepared for us to spam you with lots of crochet goodies and be non stop raving about clashing colours, this is what we are about. 

I keep typing we, but in fact it’s me. My name is Sapphire, my passion for yarn, and all crochet notions started when I was younger and has been an obsession for me for so long now. I have grown a lovely craft community on social media and want more of this to be personalized and over on a more formal kind of reading resource so here I am committing to starting a blog. I may spell things wrong, go through grammar weirdly and it’s certainly not a strong point of mine, if you notice an error just let me know, or comment I would rather have it all looking peachy perfect you see.

I don’t really know where to start so I will leave this here for now, and just know I am beyond excited to get to know you all and for you to get to know the me behind my pictures.

Have a happy day,

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